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Attendees at Retirement Living 2019 heard from leading experts as they considered how to overcome the key challenges of delivering the essential retirement living accommodation that is desperately needed in the UK.

Welcome from the Chair
Retirement Living: Where is the opportunity?

By 2025, 20% of the UK population will be over 65 (14.3 million people). Currently the over-65s own a combined circa £1trn of housing equity. In this market overview JLL will explore the opportunity for investors, developers and operators, and assert how the sector needs to develop to overcome undersupply while meeting the changing demand of occupiers.

Residents Panel: Hear what residents think - Developing with the customer in mind

We’ve invited a diverse panel of retirement living residents to tell us what they want from their next stage of life. What’s important for them when considering their property options and what do they value? What attracted them to their new lifestyle and home, and what put them off? What do they think of different payment models? What more should developers and operators be doing to make retirement living aspirational?

Panel of retirement living residents:

Brent Joyce, Renting in an Anchor Hanover development, Peterborough, Chairman of the AH Resident’s Council

Sue Russell, Soon to move to a retirement property in South Wales

Carl Parsons, Retired Professor of Social Inclusion Studies, living in a non-retirement property

Insight and research on customer-centric development presented by ColladoCollins Architects:

Dominic Hailey, Senior Team, ColladoCollins Architects

Carly Dickson, Architectural Research Specialist, ColladoCollins Architects & Design Researcher, MIT AgeLab

Morning Refreshments & Networking
Case Study: Build-to-rent retirement living

The UK housing market is at the weakest point in a decade, stoking a greater demand for rental properties in the retirement housing market. Scottish Widows is currently predicting the number of retired renters will increase to nine million by 2022. Seizing this growing opportunity, this year Birchgrove opens its doors to the UK’s first BTR retirement scheme. We are joined by Honor Barratt, managing director of Birchgrove, who will share the triumphs and the challenges of this new retirement living model.

Panel Discussion: How planning policy is affecting development in London

In June this year, LifeCare Residences’ plans for a £97m scheme in Gondar Gardens, West Hampstead, were rejected in a ruling that would have far-reaching implications for the sector. The decision set a precedent by ruling that event fees should be taken into account to determine the level of affordable housing required. We have brought together a panel of industry experts to explore what the decision means for future development proposals and to discuss more broadly how the planning regime in London is affecting the viability of retirement housing in the capital.

Selling the lifestyle: Changing the image of retirement living

The public image of retirement living needs a makeover. How do we encourage people to embrace the move to retirement living as they do overseas?

No to retirement – yes to renewal. How re-envisioning senior living will revitalise the housing market

Entrepreneurial developer Johnny Sandelson explains how tapping into seniors’ appetite for renewal could generate positive disruption up and down the property ladder. Today’s older generation has greater disposable income, better health and longer life expectancy than any other. Johnny believes that encouraging them to see retirement as renewal – an opportunity to reshape rather than restrict their lives – could deliver a double win for the market by accelerating growth in the senior property sector and unlocking property equity across the board.

Lunch & Networking
Spotlight session: The intergenerational opportunity

Channel 4’s Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds has shone a spotlight on the potential of intergenerational schemes that provide retirement housing alongside children’s nurseries or even student housing. Our experts share their insights on the potential benefits of intergenerational schemes, looking at what lessons can be learned from existing developments and how best to design and operate schemes that bring different generations together.

The OWCH model: Developing co-housing

Sharing insight from the UK’s first example of private and social partnership specifically designing and running housing for older female residents, Older Women’s Co-Housing (OWCH) has become a blueprint for the development of co-housing. Maria Brenton, Founding Member of OWCH, will share her experience of the project and community development.

Panel Discussion: Developing for the next generation of retirement living customer

Our ageing population is healthier, wealthier and more independent than previous generations. This needs to be reflected the next generation of retirement schemes. What will the retirement living schemes of the future look like and where will they be built?

Interview: US style operations - what translates from across the pond?

How can the UK emulate the thriving retirement living market in the US? We are joined by Gavin Stein, Chief Executive and Founder of Elysian Residences, who is bringing aspirational, US-style senior living to the UK. Hear about Elysian’s UK offering, and what translates from across the pond and what doesn’t.

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking
Case Study: Building your base - tapping into mid-market consumers

The more affluent end of the market has seen huge investment over the past few years. However, the mid-market offers a potentially bigger opportunity. How are developers and operators tapping into this much-underserved sector of the market? This case study will explore how the customer offering and payment model can be tailored to the mid-market.

Panel Discussion: Deal or No Deal

What does it take to win investment in today’s market? We’ll be pitching proposals to our panel of the UK’s leading investors and asking them what will it be, ‘Deal or No Deal’?

Chair's closing remarks and networking drinks reception