David Whiteley, Whiteley Consulting
David Whiteley
Whiteley Consulting

Whiteley Consulting (WC) was founded by David in 2018 and is focused on advising those seeking to create/enhance significant value in the IRC sector and in understanding the many subsidiary alignments/steps required. With this knowledge, WC also has much commercial experience in raising capital. It has now advised 25 clients in the IRC sector and the client base is rapidly growing. While mainly in the UK, work has included Spain, Portugal and Ireland. David was CFO of Lifecare Residences International owned by a founder of the industry in NZ that developed the Event Fee ‘peace of mind’ offering. Before going out to the wider market, David was a Director in Octopus Healthcare and advised them in many different areas as a fund, investor as well as at an operator level within their four IRC operations. Prior to these David was FD of Abbeyfield and was part of the delivery of their first six IRCs. David had significant board experience in managing £2b of PFI transport, healthcare & school assets.