Graeme Carver, Aspect Partnership
Graeme Carver
Aspect Partnership

Graeme is a marketing Industry consultant and CEO of the Aspect Partnership. Based in the UK and North America, he specialises in the property and automotive industries. He started his career with Saatchi & Saatchi (HCA) on their graduate program which instilled independent strategic thinking and consumer focus and business results. Involved in the property industry for over 30 years, Graeme has worked alongside directors, funding partners and development teams to create and deliver strategies, change attitudes, and make big picture changes across the property mix. Sectors include residential, commercial, rental, retail, office, tourism, mixed-use, and build to rent. In all sectors, the end consumer has been up front and central to the thinking. Consideration is given to every aspect of the customer voyage, then joining up all the elements to make the business difference and deliver tangible results. In 2019, for a rental property company, Graeme conducted a series of in-depth focus groups with consumers of retirement age to uncover and understand their needs and the complex blend of requirements – Property, Lifestyle and Care. He found the results compelling and undertook detailed customer and sector analysis which led the way to both B2B and B2C projects. During COVID, he conducted detailed, industry-wide start to finish assessments of both the purchase and rental business models in Later Living. Work ranged from initial land/catchment appraisals to customer delivery and churn, with a close eye to the future trends. In other property markets, he worked with successful developers and funders to significantly enhance their customer appeal and rental journey, employing a combination of strategy, science, and creativity. The results surpassed all expectations with application performance / letting growth at over 500%. Graeme believes that the Later Living sector is even more exciting, by delivering the advantages of a joined up creative-based strategy and working with customer thinking and perfecting the customer journey. With a close relative currently renting in a later living village, he also sees the challenges and opportunities up close in the context of everyday living.